Mantanani Island – Discover Snorkeling


Tour Code: BPMAN02
Departure Time: 7.15AM 
Duration: Day Trip
Meal: Lunch
Departure Point: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Brief Itinerary

Find out what is hidden beneath the sea around Mantanani Island with confidence. This programme is suitable for those who are not very comfortable in the water or has no snorkeling experience. It will allow you to learn snorkeling and some basic safety skills in shallow water before venturing out to deeper water.


The programme is divided into 2 sessions:

Session 1

  • Shallow Water Practice (1m-2m)
  • In this section you will be given a safety briefing and do some skill practices in shallow water by our Snorkeling Guide:
  • Introduction and proper use of snorkeling equipments
  • How to breathe through your snorkel
  • How to swim with fins
  • How to clear water from mask & snorkel
  • Safety skills – e.g. cramp recovery
  • Resting position

Session 2

  • Snorkeling Adventure (3m – 5m)
  • With the skills that you have acquired in Sessions 1, your guide will now take you to your snorkeling adventure in deeper water by boat.

Take a guided tour of the Mari-Mari Bridge (our house reef) and the nearby reef. See the rich varieties of underwater lives like clownfish, anemone, colourful table coral, barrel sponges, brain coral, stack horn coral and many others.

Remark: For safety reasons, we may cancel/ turn back if the weather or sea condition is deemed unsafe for the journey to proceed. We may depart earlier from the island if we foresee there is a change in sea or weather conditions that may affect the safety of the journey.

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