Incentive Services and Corporate Social Responsible Programmes


Development of Creative Incentive Programmes and Support Campaign Services and Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

Incentive ideas for the development for an effective launch of Campaign Period Programme,  the Travel Delivery and Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, starts with the brief from the client.

The company has the experience and the know how to present ideas and turn it into reality. Teaser items and gifts which enhance the destination for the programme are sourced out and presented.

Borneo Passages’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Borneo Passages is committed to develop and operate tours and travel services in a manner that makes a positive contribution to the natural, social and cultural environment.

Borneo Passages’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities entail the following:

Acting As Catalyst


Borneo Passages acting as a catalyst , support local communities such as Abai village,  to ensure that they benefit from the visits of our clients. Abai is situated at the estuary of Sabah’s longest river, Kinabatangan. We make a stopover at this village for refreshment. This is an additional income to supplement their fishing livelihood. It also gives the local community of Abai the opportunity to participate in tourism activities. Our clients get to learn about the local way of life. To date besides assisting in the development of stopover convenience facilities, our clients have donated reading and writing materials, snacks, school knapsacks, and a soccer ball with accompanying t-shirts to the villagers and their children.

Not Only The River And Not Limited To The Elephants


Borneo Passages has pledged funds to the Kinabatangan – Rasig Project to plant food source for Borneo Pygmy Elephants and other wildlife inhabiting the land that is adjacent to the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kinabatangan – Rasig Project is to ensure that an ancestral land of 5.9 acres is kept as a safe-house for elephants as well as other wildlife, by using ecotourism as a platform to conserve nature.

More Than Just Preserving The Natural Heritage


Borneo Passages use all services (including boats and guides) of the local community of Sukau in the conservation travel programme featuring the Kinabatangan – Rasig Project. This is to ensure that the community benefit from ecotourism income and tourist dollar. Our client gets to visit the project site to see how their contributions are channeled to conservation work undertake by local communities to preserve their natural heritage.