2D1N Bako National Park


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Tour Code: BPKCH12
Departure Time: 8.30AM (Ex City Area)
Duration: 2 Days 1 Night
Meal: Fullboard
Departure Point: Kuching, Sarawak

Brief Itinerary


Depart in the morning for Bako National Park. A half hour ride takes you to the fishing village of Bako to board a boat for the Park headquarters.Bako is the oldest gazetted national park in Sarawak. It offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak flora and fauna. The 16 square kilometres of primary forests is home to seven distinct ecosystems; beach vegetation, cliff vegetation, mangrove, peat swamp forests, mixed dipterocarp forest, heath forest and grasslands.Constant erosion over millions of years has turned the Bako coastline into a unique geographical landmark. Cliff faces, sandstone structures, sea stacks and pristine sandy beaches dot the area. Wildlife thriving in the area include the rather intrusive long tailed macaques which roam all over and their shier cousins, the silver leaf monkeys and the long-nosed, pot bellied proboscis monkey.

Other denizens include flying lemur, mouse deer, bearded pigs, bats, tarsiers, slow loris and palm civet cats. Please note that these animals are wild and therefore, there is no guarantee that visitors will see them. There are 16 trails, each offering close-up look at different aspects of the Park. Discuss with your guide, what your interests are, to get the most out of your time at the Bako National Park. A night walk allows Visitors to take a closer look at the night denizens of the Park, the flying lemur, bats, tarsiers, slow loris and palm civet cats. Again, there is no guarantee that you will see them as wild nature does not perform on queue.Lunch and dinner at the Park canteen provided.

Accommodation is at the Park Guesthouse, with basic amenities and facilities (no hot water shower). (Lunch & dinner only)


An overnight stay at the Park affords Visitors more time to explore and enjoy the wonders of this diverse area. If you missed seeing the proboscis monkeys the evening before, take an early morning trek to see the proboscis monkeys as they start their day, feeding on the river banks. Spend the morning exploring more of the Park. Lunch at the Park canteen before returning to the city. Meals: Breakfast & lunch only.

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