Brunei Tours & Excursions

City And Water Village Tour

Tour Code: BPBWN01
Departure Time: 9.00AM / 2.00PM
Duration: 4 Hours

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Brunei Proboscis Monkey River Safari

Tour Code: BPBWN02
Departure Time: 7.30AM / 3.30PM
Duration: 3 Hours

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Brunei Golden Thread Weaving And Country Side Tour

Tour Code: BPBWN03
Departure Time: 9.00AM
Duration: 4 Hours

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Temburong National Park Nature Escapade

Tour Code: BPBWN04
Departure Time: 7.30AM
Duration: 8 Hours

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Brunei Majestic Capital City Tour

Tour Code: BPBWN08
Departure Time: 6.30PM
Duration: 3 Hours

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Night River Cruise And Firefly Tour

Tour Code: BPBWN09
Departure Time: 6.00PM
Duration: 4 Hours

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Seria Oil Town Tour

Tour Code: BPBWN05
Departure Time: 9.00AM
Duration: 6 Hours

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Brunei Darussalam is a land with architectural Islamic grandeur and lush virgin rainforest and is situated just 443km north of the equator. Modern Brunei is 5,765 sq km in land area and is wedged between the Malaysian Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak.

With Brunei is small size, this means that its nature, culture, heritage and contemporary Asian attractions are all within easy reach. With some 70% of its land area covered in luxuriant and pristine tropical rainforests rich in exotic flora and fauna, Brunei is a paradise for nature lovers and for ecotourism in general. Adding to Brunei is unique appeal is its rich Malay culture, blended with all the respectful traditions of Islam, and its legendary 600-year royal heritage which continues until today.

Brunei is also a haven for the inquisitive as Brunei reveals the crystal-clear waters of South China Sea which towers the waterfalls in Primary rainforests, endangered species and the indigenous groups; the islands native people and their traditional way of living. Here, rainfall and humidity are high with temperatures averaging 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year, yet Brunei rests outside the tropical typhoon and earthquake belts.

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